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Virtual visit to 33 of the most beautiful and breathtaking of Japan's Zen Temples and Karesansui gardens with quotations from Buddhas teaching and enriching Zen wisdom. ZenGarden download

Some men are like letters carved in rock; 
they easily give way to anger and retain their angry thoughts for a long time.
Some men are like letters written in sand;
They give way to anger also, but their angry thoughts quickly pass away.
Some man are like letters written in running water;
they do not retain their passing thoughts, they let abuse and uncomfortable gossip pass by unnoticed, their minds are always pure and undisturbed.

500 BCE

reiunin rokuoin ryogenin

Zen is a way of living and has become  an inseparable part Japanese culture and thinking. Zen holds that perfection is impossible, that simplicity is ideal and that stillness and the spiritual should be cherished.  Zen meditation and Japanese gardens both have benefits, including stress relief, purification of mind, energy conservation, better creativity,reduced depression and improved relationships. The Zen garden, with stones, water bridges and moss, helps to understand the nature and the benefits for humans living in harmony with it. You can now download some of these wonderful Zen gardens always having them with you on your iPad or iPhone.

Click on the first photo and choose from the thumbnail photos appearing under the large photo. Upon reading the Zen quotation, close the text-window and visit the temple by clicking on the large photo, enlarging and zooming. Click on another thumbnail to visit the next Zen temple.

Users' opinions

Kevin Hayes:
"Both the pictures and the quotes are excellent and bring a measure of peace and harmony that I would not otherwise have."
ZenGardens download

You can easy set your preferable photo as wallpaper

  • Select the photo from the program what you like.
  • Take a screenshot about the selected photo.
    Press and hold the Home button (this is a button at center bottom of the iPhone/iPad).
    Then press and release the Sleep/Wake button (the one on top of the iPhone/iPad).
    The iPhone/iPad will flash briefly.
    The screenshot will be saved to the Saved Photos folder.

  • From the Home screen, select Settings.
  • Select Wallpaper.
  • Choose the Saved Photos folder and select the image.
  • Move and adjust the picture with your fingers.
    Use one finger to move an image around.
    Use two fingers, pinching them together and widening them apart, to shrink or enlarge the picture.
  • When you have finished and the image looking the way you like, select Set Wallpaper.