Zen Kyoto daitokuji


Description of the App


is a Buddhist temple in Japan, one of fourteen  branches of the Rinzai Zen school located in Kyoto Japan, originally a small monastery founded in 1315. In 1325, the monastery was converted into a supplication hall for the imperial court at the request of the retired Emperor Hanazono.  Daitoku-ji is considered one of the best places to experience Zen Buddhism in Japan.

Enjoy 41 photos form this fantastic temple garden and choose your Zen wall paper.
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Take them with you on your iPhone and iPad and enjoy this beautiful world..

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You can easy set your preferable photo as wallpaper

  • Select the photo from the program what you like.
  • Take a screenshot about the selected photo.
    Press and hold the Home button (this is a button at center bottom of the iPhone/iPad).
    Then press and release the Sleep/Wake button (the one on top of the iPhone/iPad).
    The iPhone/iPad will flash briefly.
    The screenshot will be saved to the Saved Photos folder.

  • From the Home screen, select Settings.
  • Select Wallpaper.
  • Choose the Saved Photos folder and select the image.
  • Move and adjust the picture with your fingers.
    Use one finger to move an image around.
    Use two fingers, pinching them together and widening them apart, to shrink or enlarge the picture.
  • When you have finished and the image looking the way you like, select Set Wallpaper.